Elmer Escoto

All my experience has been gained in the woods since I have never gotten formal courses or formal specialization on birding. All what I have learned up to date about the fantastic birding world has been in the deep deep forest.

Passion for birds have led me gain the knowledge I have today. I enjoy it very much and I am proud to say that as to date, I lead big birding companies from the US and Europe such as Wildside Nature Tours, Naturetrek, Sunrise Bird Tours and many many more!







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My passion for observation beginning at the age of twelve and since most of my experience I obtained biological sampling of birds for company Wallace Opercion responsible for overseeing worldwide . Thanks to my career ecotourism focused on biology and my love for nature and its conservation can now share with you my knowledge of birds and my beautiful country .


    Elmer Escoto is one of Honduras’ most experienced bird guides and too boot, he’s a fun companion for a Central American birding adventure. I don’t have any hesitation in highly recommending Elmer.

    Adam Riley (CEO Rockjumper Birding)
  • Elmer Escoto is one of the best birding guides I have ever been out with. He knows the birds of Honduras and Central America as few others do…and he sees absolutely everything! No bird is safe from his eyes, and no bird gets by him. And, besides that, he is just a great guy to spend a day or a week with…always friendly, always helpful, always focused on making sure his clients get the most our of their time in the country he loves, and among his beloved birds. I recommend him without reservations…you won’t regret a moment of your time with him.

    Stephen Ingraham, Senior Brand Adovacte, ZEISS Sports Optics.